Giving back

As a brand, and as individuals, we care about treading gently on the earth. We may not be a big enough business yet to rock the boat on a significant scale but we aren’t defeated. We see power in the sum of the small choices that we can make. Here are a few of the things that we can do. We make product choices that sit at the best possible intersection of functionality and sustainability. The reality is that sometimes the materials with the most eco-credentials don’t offer the standard of product functionality that we want to give our customers. We do our best to strike the best balance. We approach packaging as sustainably as possible. Our product boxes are recyclable; our mats no longer come with a glossy wrapper but rather a keepsake story; our towels are packaged in reusable drawstring bags designed to be re-gifted. We offer a 15% discount to anyone who returns an old yoga mat to us. As people’s practice needs change, we ask that instead of binning their mats, they send them to us to pass on to worthy homes that would be thrilled to have them.